Students & researchers from all over the world join us to study the little known crested macaques and their natural environment.

Teams comprise Indonesian and non-Indonesian students, thus leading to exchange of skills, knowledge, cultures and exciting friendships

Gholib explains the GPS device
Male gives a loud call
Loud call example

Aside from the continuous collection of macaque demography, reproduction, forest phenology, and climate data for the project on a daily basis, a lot of specific projects have been being carried since the beginning. For example:

  • Inter-group competition for sleeping sites and their function in home-range defense, Rismayanti
  • The role of emotions in the communication system of wild crested macaques, Juliette Berthier
  • Genetic diversity of crested macaques’ populations, Eleonora Neugebauer
  • NetFACS, using network science to examine facial expressions, Jérôme Micheletta
  • Mating behaviour, parasite infections and hormones in Sulawesi crested macaques, Angela Achorn

Main topics