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    In areas where primates are threatened, environmental education interventions are one decisive route to increase local population’s knowledge and thus encourage their positive attitudes and habits to be able to preserve the environment and wildlife on a local and global scale. This study assesses the impact of Tangkoko Conservation Education (TCE), the conservation education programme of the Macaca Nigra Project, running since 2011 in North Sulawesi for school children, teachers, and the local population. TCE’s aim is to help them improve their knowledge, habits, and behaviours towards their local environment, especially the critically endangered and endemic crested macaques (Macaca nigra). We measured the efficacy of TCE’s programme on pupils using questionnaires provided one month before and one month after a yearlong conservation education programme at school. Pupils’ knowledge and behaviour scores significantly increased after their participation in the programme. Their habits score also improved but this increase was not statistically significant. Female pupils scored significantly higher than male pupils in terms of positive behaviour towards wildlife. Children participating in the programme more than once seemed to obtain higher scores in their second participation, although the sample size was too small for a formal analysis. Despite some limitations, this study demonstrates the positive impact of our programme on young people living in areas where primates are threatened. We hope that this research will inspire similar programmes based in Sulawesi.

Macaca nigra, Juvenile resting ©MNP


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Macaca nigra, swelling ©MNP

Group of Crested macaques  


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Mother with infant © Jerome Micheletta

Bima with red scrotum © MNP


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