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Our mission

The MNP project is fundamental at three levels:

1/ scientific research to increase knowledge about the macaques and their environment,

2/ education to empower local scientists and citizens to manage their own environmental and science programmes, and

3/ conservation to empower local populations and help them protect their environment while providing sustainable livelihood through eco-tourism, expert fauna-flora guiding, nature ranger activities and sustainable economic activities.

The crested macaques

Crested macaques are close to extinction as their population has decreased by more than 75% in the last 30 years. They are now one of the 25 world’s most endangered primates and will go extinct by 2050 if no change is made. Wild crested macaques suffer from habitat destruction and poaching for meat due to lack of public awareness and law enforcement.

The project

Since 2006, the Macaca Nigra Project studies the biology and habitat of these enigmatic animals, who belong to the most tolerant primates described so far. At the same time, we protect animals in the wild, promote their conservation through collaboration with local authorities, awareness campaigns, education programmes and authority consultancy. 

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We collaborate with the local authorities and consult them on important conservation management decisions. Our long-term data base is of utmost importance here. We also regularly patrol the forest, destroy traps and release macaques from them. Any illegal activity is documented and immediately reported to rangers. In this way, we have already saved the lives of many animals, not only macaques.

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Learning about macaques through games and role play

Environmental education is the key to sustainable conservation. We therefore inform and educate local pupils and adults of all ages using the crested macaque as an icon animal. Most importantly, we collaborate with local authorities to get our lessons implemented into school curriculars.

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Students & researchers from all over the world join us to study the little known crested macaques and their natural environment.

Teams comprise Indonesian and non-Indonesian students, thus leading to exchange of skills, knowledge, cultures and exciting friendships

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Highlights 2021

This year, MNP celebrated 15 years of existence! For this occasion, we launched a Special Issue in the International Journal of Primatology to showcase the very important research, conservation, and education projects MNP has been involved in during all these years. We are planning to have the special issue published in 2022.

Long-term field projects are essential not only for the understanding of the ecology and biology of species but also for their protection, in particular in the case of the extremely endangered crested macaques! With this special issue, we will take stock of the demographical changes of the studied groups and the ecological evolution of their environment over the last 10 to 15 years.

MNP education initiative, TCE, also celebrated an important milestone, a full 10 years of program! Over these many years, TCE has been involved in 23 schools in 12 towns/villages, targeting about 4,000 pupils in total and 60 school teachers! Since 2011, 34 awareness campaigns for local communities about nature conservation and biodiversity have been carried out.

In 2014, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the Education Department of Bitung city, the regional sub-capital, encouraging schools to include TCE’s environmental lessons into their curriculum. Furthermore, more than 50 local teachers were trained in delivering these lessons and since 2016, 4 schools have
already integrated them into their teaching.

Finally, since 2020, a Science Camp, a week of immersive research and conservation training at the MNP research station, is organised for 10 high-school students, with the hope that they will continue caring for and protecting their natural heritage.

We are also very proud to report that in April 2021, MNP and PKT staff received an honour from BKSDA to thank them for their work towards conservation of natural ressources in Tangkoko! We will continue our efforts to protect the crested macaques, further our knowledge about their biology and behaviour and share what we find out with everyone.

For more information please download the MNP report 2021 (pdf).


Report 2021

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